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Jigoku Apartments
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23rd-May-2010 01:04 am - Canon Updates
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Canon Update Form

This form is to be used for players who wish up update their characters with occurrences that happened later than the canon point from which said character was applied and accepted into the game. Previously, players would have had to drop and then re-apply; this will hopefully help streamline that process. Please read the following instructions before filling out the form!

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26th-Feb-2010 04:32 pm - Previous Residents Turned Ghosts
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Previous Residents Turned Ghosts

Jigoku Apartments is a game that deals very much on the interaction of the living and the dead. As such, when characters drop, we add their shades to the ranks of ghosts haunting the apartment building and town. Below is a list, in alphabetical order by fandom name, of former residents who have joined the undead. Original, non-fandom characters are listed at the end. Journal names are provided only for reference, or if someone would like to try to contact a former player.

If you would prefer not to have your character added to the ghost roster, please drop a comment on this entry or contact a member of the mod team.

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Last updated: 06/10/2010
25th-Feb-2010 09:42 pm - FAQ
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Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question that doesn't appear here? Ask away in a comment and we'll address it as soon as possible!


Game Basics

Using the Apartment Network

About the Characters

About Applications

About the Communities

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27th-Nov-2009 04:57 pm - Apartments
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Apartment Listings

This is our current standing of rooms taken for every floor. Characters who desire a room change may post a comment to this entry at any time to let the mods know; there is a convenient form at the bottom of the page to fill out. Characters who desire to become roommates with someone else must have permission from the mun in question.

In addition, the table contains other rooms of note in the apartments. Though they may be uninhabitable for whatever reason, that does not preclude characters from entering them. Just beware -- sometimes it's harder to leave than you may have initially thought!

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7th-Oct-2009 11:15 pm - HIATUS
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For any reason, you will be taking an extended time to post, please reply to this thread with the duration of your absence. Posting here will ensure that your hiatus is recognized. Failure to post could lead to your character's eviction at the beginning of the month.

Haitus Listing:
19th-Apr-2009 06:17 pm - Mod Contact
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There are lots of ways to contact the mod team here at Jigoku. Our LJ notifications automatically forward to our personal emails, so any comment you make to one of our entries is seen by the entire team. You can send a PM to the mod journal to ensure all of us see it, or -- if you need or prefer anonymity -- please leave a comment on this post, which also has comment screening enabled. Additionally, if you need or want to contact one mod directly, please find our individual contact information below. We're including our character journals on this list as well, partly in case you want to contact one of us through PM and partly because we sometimes forget to log out of them when responding to mod-directed comments. Oops.

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11th-Jan-2009 12:36 pm - Friend Add//Remove
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New characters: Comment here with the phrase "friend add USERNAME", where USERNAME is replaced with the name of your character journal (see example).

To easily update your character's friends list, please go to the Admin Console and enter the below information there:

Dropped characters: Comment here with the phrase "friend remove USERNAME", where USERNAME is replaced with the name of your character journal (see example). Your character will be moved from the Friend add to the Friend Remove by a mod.


11th-Jan-2009 12:35 pm - Taken Characters
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Taken Characters

Here's a list of all the characters currently being played at jigoku_apts. If you're looking for player's contact information, you want the Mun Contact Post -- but please note that it's locked to community members only, for the comfort of our players.

Once you have been accepted for a character, please comment here using the following form:

Note: please do not take out the < textarea > tag. This is what enables us to more easily copy-paste the information when we edit this post.

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