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Jigoku Apartments
January 11th, 2009 
12:27 pm - About the Game
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Jigoku Apts. is a multifandom game inspired by J-Horror (those scary Japanese movies) and survival horror. Welcome to a real "ghost town". And nowhere is more haunted than the only place you have to live. There's a piece of candy in your mouth when you wake up and that's supposed to make up for any pain and fear that's inflicted on you. More importantly, you're left a roll of red tape. When used to tape up the doors and windows, it keeps the ghosts on the other side of the door on the other side.

But sooner or later you're gonna have to open the door.

Important Places in the Apartment

+The Apartments.
The apartments, otherwise known as where you will be staying. Nine stories high with 100 rooms (give or take) per floor. Some of the rooms unoccupied are easy to break into, giving insight into who might have lived in them before, while others remain oddly barred at all times. The 8th and 9th floors are unoccupied by tenants, and treading there (especially after dark) is dangerous to say the least. The squeak of rusting wheels will follow you, the grunts and whispers of someone close by, but always just out of sight. The feeling of malice and hunger here is more than tangible, and few can stand it for more than a few moments at a time. Still, it is the only way to get the the roof, where the potential for gardens, or a swimming pool exist.

+Apartment Setup
Each apartment is a two-bedroom suite set up in the manner indicated in the link. Decor is different in each apartment, sometimes eerily suited to it's new owner, and sometimes painfully opposite. [This is something left up to player discretion within reason. Ask us if you're uncertain!]

+The Tape
Tape will become your saving grace many times. Often, it will take more than you think to close up every small patch and crevice, but in the end, that seems to be the only way to keep out many of the dangerous creatures that seem intent on haunting you. Tape is scarce at best for the most part, so use it carefully.

+The Laundry Room
The horrors of a laundry room are usually limited to faded colors and dingy whites. But a laundry in the basement of a haunted apartment is another story. Yellowed newspapers found throughout the apartments have a front page story about a missing girl, age seven. Her sundress was found in one of the washing machines, still stained with blood after several cycles. Exactly what happened to her and the location of her remains is unknown. While in the laundry room, one can expect flickering lights, water turning a strange rust color, the occasional garment coming out with a blood stain, or the image of a little girl standing behind you reflected in the glass while loading or unloading the machines.

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12:28 pm - Rules
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If there are any questions or concerns regarding anything listed above, please check the FAQ. If your answer is not found there, don't hesitate to contact a the mod team through a comment or PM the mod journal and we will address the issue as soon as possible.

Last updated: 03/05/2010
12:31 pm - FAQ
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As of February 2010, this FAQ is no longer considered current or active. To view the new FAQ post, please go here.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Reserves will last for one week from the initial request.

You may only reserve two at a time.

To reserve a character, please fill out the following.

Note that reserving a character does not guarantee an accepted application. Similarly, you do not need to reserve in order to apply. For information on challenging an application, please see the FAQ.
12:35 pm - Applications
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Below is a guide to what we're looking for in apps. Copy and paste the box below for the actual application. Fill it out and comment here! For questions about applications, please refer to the game's FAQ post or contact a moderator. FYI, LJ has a comment limit of 4300 characters -- inclusive of spaces -- so you may need to break up your application into several comments to make it fit.

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12:35 pm - Taken Characters
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Taken Characters

Here's a list of all the characters currently being played at jigoku_apts. If you're looking for player's contact information, you want the Mun Contact Post -- but please note that it's locked to community members only, for the comfort of our players.

Once you have been accepted for a character, please comment here using the following form:

Note: please do not take out the < textarea > tag. This is what enables us to more easily copy-paste the information when we edit this post.

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New characters: Comment here with the phrase "friend add USERNAME", where USERNAME is replaced with the name of your character journal (see example).

To easily update your character's friends list, please go to the Admin Console and enter the below information there:

Dropped characters: Comment here with the phrase "friend remove USERNAME", where USERNAME is replaced with the name of your character journal (see example). Your character will be moved from the Friend add to the Friend Remove by a mod.


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