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  • Jigoku Apartments is a drama-free game. While we all love IC drama -- and it's inevitable in a setting like this -- it shouldn't bleed into OOC interactions.

  • Communication is key! Oftentimes conflicts come from a simple misunderstanding or miscommunication. We believe our players to be mature enough to handle any conflicts that might arise between themselves through calm, polite discussion. If a conflict truly looks to be unsolvable, or a mediator is needed, please contact a member of the mod team.

  • We are yaoi, yuri and het friendly, but please stick to canon as much as possible. We realize that there is a lot of gray area in this, but we ask that our players try to keep it in mind and show adequate development and/or reasoning for their characters' choices.

  • Godmoding and metagaming are not welcome in this game. Godmoding is controlling another person's character or dictating exactly what will happen to him or her. Metagaming is granting your character knowledge that he or she should not have, even though you may OOCly know it. Both are considered poor roleplay practices. Don't assume; ask.

  • The current character limit is set at four (4) characters per mun. Any requests for more will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

  • We encourage independent roleplay, but please run any large plots (i.e., ones that affect three or more people) by a member of the mod team first. You will most likely be given the go-ahead! This isn't meant to control or squash player creativity in any way, but is meant more so we can work with you, if necessary, so that there's not too much happening and things all running into each other at once.

  • Please don't have your character dying every other day. While death is a very real part of the horror genre, to have it overused gets old quickly and cheapens the impact of what should be a serious event. At this point there is no cap on the number of deaths a character can have, but if we notice a trend in characters dying too often we will impose a limit. Please see the FAQ for more information on character deaths.

  • After acceptance into the game, please post with your character journal within one week of your acceptance date to confirm your commitment to the game. If something comes up and you're unable to make this timeframe, please notify a mod and an extension can be granted.

  • If there are any questions or concerns regarding anything listed above, please check the FAQ. If your answer is not found there, don't hesitate to contact a the mod team through a comment or PM the mod journal and we will address the issue as soon as possible.

    Last updated: 03/05/2010
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