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As of February 2010, this FAQ is no longer considered current or active. To view the new FAQ post, please go here.

Frequently Asked Questions

More questions will be added as they are asked!

Where am I?

-The town itself has no name. It's a nameless town inhabited by ghosts. Most of these ghosts are imprints of the people who once lived there, carrying out their jobs and lives as they had before. Others are malicious, and will seek to harm you. The town itself is growing rather decrepit, but you can still live there in relative comfort.

Why am I here?

-To put it simply, you've been brought to the city as a source of fuel. The city's dead discovered that it's harder to exist without the living to acknowledge their existence. The ghosts also pull from the living's energy, making it easier for them to manifest. Those with unique abilities seem to have energy in a concentrated form. Some will feel the drain more acutely than others. Those with evil alignments may actually like the sensation, since it causes more terror and chaos for others. Evil characters may eventually be able to control the spirits that feed off of them and have become dependent on their dark energy.

What sort of technology exists in the city?

-The apartments have electricity, but that doesn't really say much. The light bulbs are low wattage. The tv's turn on but there's no regular cable. Each apartment does have a computer, but can't access the internet and seem useful for only posting to the journals. Sometimes something will mysteriously pop up on them giving information about the ghosts or things that have happened in the apartment in the past. This could also be in the form of a sudden news broadcast on a television that wasn't even turned on. If you're lucky, a random movie from your world might be playing. Or it could be the events happening next door that are lighting up the screen.

Your character will also find a blackberry and a fully charged cell phone, for text or voice messages. These are your lifeline if your character happens to be outside of the apartments.

What do the rooms look like? Do they all look the same?

-All the apartments were previously lived in, so they might not suit your character's tastes. You're more than welcome to personalize or redecorate them over time. They just might not stay redecorated. Your character may finally get everything the way that they wanted and wake up the next morning to find it exactly the way it was when they first arrived. (Only if you want you character to have a "wtf?!?" moment, this is not a mod-enforced idea.)

Who are these people I see?

-At times, the few people of the city will seem tangible, and you can hold conversations with them, but at other times you will be ignored as if you are the one who isn't there. They're simply imprints, nothing more.

My character is just an average human. Will s/he see the ghosts?

-If your character doesn't see the ghosts, they're either a) blind or b) in some serious denial. Either one is possible! The ghosts are very visible and many times tangible.

Will my character have his/her weapon or power? Will it work against the ghosts?

-Your character will find their weapon of choice somewhere in the apartment. It won't work against the ghosts. (Nothing seems to work other than the red tape.) However, there are other tenants in the building, some less than neighborly. Characters also maintain the powers, but keep in mind that any powers not possessed by the average human seem to feed the ghosts. Use them and you can expect the activity to pick up. If your character has a canon ability or knowledge that repels ghosts, we are still allowing for that. But attempts at destruction or exorcism will fail.

What happens if I die?

-If you die your character will remain in that dead state for twenty four hours (this may lengthen with time if a character dies more than once or twice). After being resurrected, they will become temporarily possessed by one of the ghosts of the apartments. More often than not, this ghost will be malicious and might well attempt to do harm while possessing your body, likely to the person you live with or care for most.

How many bedrooms/people are in each apartment?

-Each apartment has two bedrooms, allowing everyone a roommate if they choose. At this point, we're allowing everyone to choose their own roommate. Roommates may also move back into the original apartment that they woke up in at any time.

What if I want to drop?

-If you want to drop then we're definitely sad to see you go, but understand how it can be as well. Please contact one of the mods, and if you don't mind, we will make your character a ghost to add to the collection of haunts. People will still be able to apply for said character after you leave...but may see a ghost of themselves as well from time to time.

Is there a specific age limit for characters?

-While we wouldn't recommend playing a character under the age of 12 (this is a scary environment for a child, after all) there are no age limits and the application would be judged just like any others. We do suggest that if you plan on playing a character this young, you might want to find another character who would look out for them either before applying or immediately afterward. Chances are, you'd be able to.

Will there be activity checks?

-For the beginning, activity checks will be in play every two weeks. You have one week from acceptance to make your first post before being dropped, unless you come to us with a needed reason beforehand. Generally, real life happens, and will always be more important, so we're going to make a post specifically for hiatus and honestly, we're easygoing, so long as it won't be abused for character-sitting. But generally expect to post at least once every two weeks as a minimum.

As for time, that will be one day equaling one day in real time.

How much canon does a character have to have for someone to be able to apply for them?

-We know that some characters don't get the canon that they deserve. Include whatever information or hints that canon does give you and expand on it as much as possible. If you're really given nothing, then show us your interpretation of the character. Your application will still be reviewed by the same standards as any FC.

The showers; are they Western-style, with a tub+shower combo, or are they Japanese-style, with the detachable shower head outside of the tub?

-Most are Japanese style, with a detachable shower head.

Is there a thread for listing whose in what room?

-The taken chars has a list of who resides in what room, and it's completely voluntary as to which room you wake up in. Just leave a comment to be added. If you change rooms please leave a comment on that page so that we can keep it updated!

If the computer/blackberry-cellphone communicator is broken, what happens?

-The computer in their room, if broken, will more than likely stay broken, as will the blackberry//cellphone. However, if it was broken due to spiritual activity, ie a ghost throwing it at them or using it in poltergeist activity, then it will be fixed and be found in a drawer like new. For the computer, if broken due to spiritual activity, will be fixed within 24-48 hours when you aren't in the room.

Otherwise, you can loot one from a shop in town or another apartment. But you have to carry it and all components and it still won't give you internet access except the journals.

Is it ok to apply for a character that has already passed away in canon? Are there any special rules/limits/how-tos about playing characters that have died in canon? More specifically, characters that have died and may have a ghost?

-That's perfectly acceptable! A ghost character can be applied for just as easily as any other non-human character. Though being a ghost won't carry any favors with the ghosts of the apartment! Most of them have lost or forgotten that they were ever alive and human at all. They will still try to scare and attack other ghosts who haven't forgotten those things. If anything, they might try to haunt them more because of the similar energy! Especially if that's what you're into.

The rules mention that OCs are allowed, which I assume means actual OCs, and not just fandom based ones. Is there any other info that should be kept in mind when apping, besides the "well thought out" part, or any minimum on how long the history & personality sections should be? Or is it more up to the player's discretion, and/or the mods' judgment?

-We allow both fandom based and completely original character, with the exception of characters that are related to FCs. At least two or three paragraphs for history would be required, giving us the important events that brought them to where they are now. A solid paragraph or two for personality. Our standards for judging OC applications aren't too different from non-OCs. If we can get a feel for the character, you should be fine.

The rules say fandom-based OCs may not be related to canon characters; by "related" do you mean relatives only, or do you mean it as in "anyone who has a relation"? For another example what about, say, the first Fullmetal Alchemist anime with its other world and alternate versions of people; since Roy's German alternate or Eckhart's Amestrian alternate never showed up in canon, they'd be original characters, but would they be allowed here?

-Those examples would be fine. We're mainly concerned about OC's showing up who claim to be a character's long lost brother/spouse/etc. No blood relations.

Is there any sort of challenge system?

What I mean is, in another community I play in there is this rule where if a character is on reserve they someone can still apply for that character. It's not until the reserve expires that they accept that application. Of it the person who initially reserved said character post their application and the mods pick the best of the two.

-We do have a challenge system. In order to challenge you must also reserve that character and state that you're challenging for him/her. Both applications must be submitted by the day that the original reserve expires. On that day we'll review both apps and choose the one we fill best represents the character.

If the character is injured in canon and is brought here, will the injuries be healed or will they stay injured and just... endure it until it normally heals?

-That is entirely up to you.

When making first-person posts, are icons and usernames visible to the characters? Or is it just purely voice/text, IC-wise?

-The icons are visible, yes!

Out of curiosity, what is your policy on characters coming in from other RPs with their established RP canon history intact?

-We do allow characters from other games to be apped. History should be a little more detailed since we'll need the canon history up to the point that they joined that game plus the game history. We'd also like to see their personality stay as close to canon as possible. Minor changes that happened through rp aren't a big deal, but nice if mentioned.

I have a question: what about language issues? Is there a common language or will things automatically translate?

-There aren't any language barriers in the apartments. While it's not specified exactly what language everyone is speaking/hearing, the important thing is that everyone is able to understand everyone else.

Do you allow multiple versions of a character taken from a different point in canon?

Or for example a character that has two versions? (i.e: the Sakuras in Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle. We already have the clone here, would you allow the other Sakura?)

-We don't allow the very same character to be applied for from just a different point in the canon. However, Sakura from Cardcaptor Sakura could be applied for even if there's a Tsubasa Sakura. They're two separate series, so we would allow that.

Heey, questions about dying. How does this work?

-Death and possession lasts for 24 hours. During that time you can make voice posts, video posts, or logs (including backlogged) of your character as being possessed. You might want to make note that your character could turn violent on open logs, just in case they're unaware that your character is not himself. Even with a physical body, he wouldn't want to cross the red tape.

We're leaving a lot of this up to you! This is a chance for some characters, depending on their personalities, to explore something different.

I was wondering, there's a Shrine located on the map near the well. I know that the carnival grounds and cemetery are out-of-bounds but what about the well and it's shrine? And speaking of that Shrine, western chapel or Japanese shrine?

-The shrine is a Japanese shrine and at the moment unable to be accessed, though that will change soon. For now, you may be able to catch a glimpse of it, if you're in the woods, but you won't be able to actually travel to it. though this will change soon, as will the carnival ♥

I was told by a player here that fandom characters with limited canon might be accepted at this game provided enough information could be derived from the character by the applicant to satisfy the requirements in the application.

-Sure, if you can elaborate on what they are given and round the character out to the best of your ability. Your app will be judged the same as any other.

So! Can characters see other "conversations"/threads in a given character's post, as long as they aren't locked or otherwise specified as being closed?

Also, when "text" messaging, is is assumed that without a specified recipient, such messages go to everyone?

When "video" messaging, is it limited to presumed web-cameras in the apartments themselves? (I had the feeling it was, just wanted to check.)

-All threads, if not locked will be viewable by everyone, as in a normal livejournal.

Text messaging can go either way; it can be private if listed in the entry as a strict phone call/text message from one person to another, and then no one else could comment, Or it can be broadcast to the system for all to see, that is up to you.

Video messaging is indeed presumed web cameras in the apartments. You have one in your portable communication device...and one on your computer that can be moved about.
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