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Below is a guide to what we're looking for in apps. Copy and paste the box below for the actual application. Fill it out and comment here! For questions about applications, please refer to the game's FAQ post or contact a moderator. FYI, LJ has a comment limit of 4300 characters -- inclusive of spaces -- so you may need to break up your application into several comments to make it fit.

Name: Your name, nickname, or alias; you do not have to use your real name, an internet handle is perfectly acceptable
Personal Journal: Your personal livejournal
Contact Info: Your email and AIM (Not necessary, but recommended)

Name: The name of the character for whom you are applying. Easy, right?
Fandom: The anime,video game, book, etc. that you're taking them from.
Canon History: Character's history up to the point that you're bringing them into the game. We'd like to see at least a couple of paragraphs in your own words. We will allow a wiki link to supplement canon information (for example, to provide additional background about your character's world), but we prefer that applicants write the history section themselves rather than using a wiki link in order to demonstrate their understanding and interpretation of the character for whom they're applying.
Personality: Tell us what your character's like. Likes, dislikes, general attitude. That sort of stuff.
Biggest Fear: What would your character fear the most?
Powers: Anything that your character can do that's out of the ordinary, list here.

Third person: What you would write in a log. 200-250 words.
First person: What you would write in a journal entry. 5-10 sentences.

Notes: Anything not covered that you feel we should know.

Copy & Paste

If your application is long, you can elect to post it on your journal and provide us with a link. In that case, we ask that you please use the following short form for your comment here, and the above form for the application itself.

Copy & Paste (short form for linking to an app only):

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