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Apartment Listings

This is our current standing of rooms taken for every floor. Characters who desire a room change may post a comment to this entry at any time to let the mods know; there is a convenient form at the bottom of the page to fill out. Characters who desire to become roommates with someone else must have permission from the mun in question.

In addition, the table contains other rooms of note in the apartments. Though they may be uninhabitable for whatever reason, that does not preclude characters from entering them. Just beware -- sometimes it's harder to leave than you may have initially thought!

This list is organized by room number. To see a list of characters by fandom, please see the Taken Characters post. For reference, the apartment building exterior looks like this. The typical apartment interior looks like this, and the typical apartment floorplan is here.

1st Floor
Room #Character
105Hungary (Elizabeta Hedervary) (warrior_maid)
Teutonic Order (moarcrusadesplx)
113Medical Clinic
run by Dr. Muraki Kazutaka
128Dante Sparda (werallsatisfied)
Rubi Malone (whiskeykillshot)
148This room appears normal at first glance, but if you stay long enough, you'll find there's something not quite right about it. The last resident had to set himself on fire in order to escape...
2nd Floor
Room #Character
221Grell Sutcliff (notsuspected)
240Lady (nameislady)
256Willy Wonka (tophatcandycane)
260Ushiwaka (fauconlunaire)
3rd Floor
Room #Character
301L Lawliet (hearthebell)
Light Yagami (sinsjustified)
308Zack Fair (soldierinbloom)
314Muraki Kazutaka (sword_of_k)
322Cloud Strife(stormhelm)
329Aburame Shino (justahost)
333The walls of this room are always covered in blood. Sometimes it's just a slow trickle, and sometimes it's a red river. Stay too long and you'll suddenly feel lightheaded, as if you're being drained...
4th Floor
Room #Character
405There isn't something wrong, per se; this room was just trashed by someone who cracked under the stresses of living with the ghosts. Be careful, it could happen to you!
434Medusa Preston (hiddensnake)
Mika Whitepaws (notlikethemovie)
5th Floor
Room #Character
531This room is in pretty decent shape -- cozy, even. But doesn't the furniture look a little smaller now than when you initially entered? Is that table shrinking? Better escape before the doors and windows are too small for you to fit through...
550'Dark' / 'Yami' Bakura (spiritofathief)
Marluxia (petalsofdeath)
555Wei-Fa Yao (kernelpanicking)
6th Floor
Room #Character
609Bowser (flashyfangs)
7th Floor
Room #Character
706Safe Room
a room lined entirely in red tape, maintained by Teutonic Order
720the Fierce Deity (fierce_deity)
722America (Alfred F. Jones) (amerihero)

When commenting to this post, simply copy the form below to easily format your comment. Do not change anything except the capitalized text as indicated:

NUM - replace with your room number (leave blank if a mod hasn't assigned you one yet)
NAME - replace with your character's name
JOURNAL - replace with your character's username

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